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The Cat in the Hat

"If you're not rich then leave Concord", says one Auburn Street resident.

They collect : trolls

The Toumpas family of Concord has a lot of little buddies. Says Jane Toumpas: "It all started two years ago, when my family and I were in Burlington, Vt., at a kids festival making these cool hats out of brown paper bags and glueing items onto them from tables of fun junk.

My son found your basic troll and gave it to our daughter to glue on to her hat. Ever since, we have been on the lookout for trolls. We have more than 75, including Santas and a green witch I call Alphaba (from the play "Wicked.") We find them at antique shops, garage sales and eBay (I have had to ban myself – too addicting!)

Here he is now

In response to the query we sent out ("Where are they now?") Steven Purcell's mom, Duvene, reports that he's at Universal Technical Institute in Norwood, Mass., "studying automotive technology and high performance......of course!!!"

And an anonymous e-mailer reports: Steven is averaging a 4.0. And loves every minute of his classes.

Hmm ... should we trust the anonymous report?

The Y's Haunted House

The Y's haunted house is made possible by our wonderful staff and volunteers and everyone had a great time, says Gina Brochu of the Concord YMCA.

The Y's Haunted House

More than 1,000 people visited the YMCA's haunted house on Oct. 27.

Beaver Meadow boys champion soccer team

The Beaver Meadow boys team won the boys league championship recently at the Concord Recreation Department's fifth- and sixth-grade Soccer Jamboree in Keach Park. The team was coached by Bruce Blazon.

Happy Halloween!

Where are they now?

Alexa Roos snapped this picture at commencement back in June and submitted it to the Monitor's Concord High comunity graduation album. So who's in it, and where are they now?"From left to right," Alexa reports, "Steven Purcell, John Feliciano (URI), Nate Roos (SHNU) and Matt Kendall (Reed). Nate is at SHNU for communications, and John is studying music."Anyone out there know where Steven is these days? If so, email us at , and we'll update readers next week.

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