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Nasol sings hopeful songs

Above: Nasol Niyonsaba plays guitar. Photographer: Johanna Young

Despite the challenging chill and wind on the evening of June 23, the atmosphere was warm at the annual
Multicultural Festival, hosted by the Greater Concord Area Task Force Against Racism and Intolerance and held on the State House Lawn and Capitol Street.

By the time Nasol Niyonsaba, a Burundian client of Lutheran Social Services (LSS), was invited to the stage to share a few songs in his native tongue, Kirundi, the sun had come out and the wind had died down a bit. Niyonsaba arrived just three weeks ago from a refugee camp in Tanzania where he was part of a team of musicians supported by the U.N. to encourage repatriation to Burundi. With backup up from other Burundian refugees, and a borrowed guitar (courtesy of Nancy Jo Chabot, event organizer) he sang several songs about his hopes for a congenial life in America. LSS case worker Forkpah Sumo translated with the help of one of the refugees: "God in not black or white, but One, He is not hatred - all the mothers and fathers - come to God," he sang in one song. In another, he sang: "Education paths the way and is the way ... we are new here and just learning English in time we will perfect our English and I (Nasol) will pursue my arts."

Severus Snape: Loyal supporter or pond scum?

If you're age 14 or under and have an opinion on the potions professor at Hogwart's School of Magic, now's your chance to put your thoughts on paper.
Gibson's Bookstore is looking for essays (about 500 words) on whether Snape is good or evil - is he loyal to Dumbledore or a dark wizard and a traitor?
Author J.K. Rowling will undoubtedly be covering this topic in the last installment of the Harry Potter Series, due out July 21.
The winner of the essay contest will be announced at the store's Harry Potter party July 20 and will receive a copy of the deluxe edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, valued at $65. (Just to give you some numbers, Scholastic, publisher of the Harry Potter series, is printing 12 million copies of the seventh installment but only 100,000 copies of the deluxe edition.)

Tom Rath, you are a winner.

Rath, Young and Pignatelli is pleased to congratulate Tom Rath as the recipient of the James "Red" Hayes Award for Community Involvement. The award was presented to him May 8 at the Joe Yukica New Hampshire Chapter National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame 20th annual scholar-athlete awards dinner.

A founder of Rath, Young and Pignatelli, P.C. and The Rath Group, Tom has been active in youth athletics and other local and state community programs for years. He orchestrated the return of professional minor league baseball to Concord.

He has been a director of the Concord Chamber of Commerce and the N.H. Business and Industry Association. Rath is currently a member of the Advisory Committee for the state's Archives & Political Library and he serves on the Board of Directors of Association Grocers of New England and Lincoln Financial Group.

Concord CATCHes The Spirit!

Above: Nannu Nobis (Nobis Engineering) and his children with other volunteers working on the Arbor.

More than 100 volunteers, residents, and supporters took part in CATCH Community Day on June 9, 2007 at Friedman Court I, CATCH’s newest affordable housing development on Old Suncook Road in Concord.

Volunteers installed a 68 x 24 ft playground, planted perennials, built an arbor with benches, built and installed two benches and picnic tables, and provided face painting, games, and art projects for children.

Bill Nolan is a resident who recently moved into Friedman Court I who spent most of CATCH Community Day planting flowers and landscaping. He stated, "This is the nicest place I have ever lived. It’s really beautiful. It helps people take pride in themselves when they have pride in where they live."

Thanks, Rebecca

Rebecca Poulin sent us this, with a note: "Here is a picture I thought that you might be interested in, it was taken at Beech Hill Farm in Hopkinton last month. It is a baby goat standing on its mother's back."

And you forgot to mention, Rebecca, that it is awesome!

Love, The Insiders

Thanks for the bus, Rotary

Above: Mike Norklun, executive director of the Concord Family YMCA, and Rob Fowler, the Y's membership, after-school and summer camp director receive a $17,000 check from the Rotary Club of Concord. The funds will go towards the purchase of a bus. The YMCA uses mini buses daily to provide free transportation for kids in their after school "Kydstop" program from all area schools. "This generous gift to help replace aging vehicles comes at a perfect time for us," said Norklun. "The YMCA is gearing up for summer camp, and our buses help us provide free transportation to our programs and adventure based activities.

Modungo Tapestry

By Jane Balshaw (see the message a few posts down for some great tips from a quilting master!)


Charlie's Flag

By Jane Balshaw

Water Color Study

By Jane Balshaw

Tips and Quilted Art

Hello fellow quilters,

Jane Balshaw, a quilting artist, sent us some useful tips and photos of her work. Unfortunately, I neglected to tell her when our deadline was and her email came after we published our quilting issue (oops). Anyway, enjoy the wisdom and photos!



Some of the reasons why I like to quilt: It is peaceful and centering, it keeps the hands busy while the mind is flowing, it is a feeling of connection to history by making blocks that others have made a long time ago, it is fun to collect fabrics in all colors and themes, quilts are useful, quilts are sentimental, quilts help celebrate special markers in life.


these are the puppies i want please help me !!! i just want one!

Did they mention free coffee and bagels???

This year, CATCH Community Day will be held at Friedman Court I, CATCH’s newest affordable rental community, on Saturday, June 9, 2007. CATCH is thrilled to provide 54 new, high quality, permanently affordable apartments to low- and moderate-income families in Merrimack County. Below-market rents will make these attractive and spacious apartments affordable to many working families who have been searching to find quality, stable housing in which they can live and afford.