A little something I like to call Heaven


  • One Snickers Almond bar (formerly known as Mars bars)


  • Peel off the outer protective shielding


  • Eat contents. Serves 1. May be substituted for the King Size version. Still serves 1.

Snickers Almond:

Formerly known as:
Mars Bar

Recipe for Mars Bar Cheesecake

You've got to try this!

Click Here For Recipe

Frozen or soft?

Some candy bars are better frozen. Most notably, the Charleston Chew. This however is not one of them. I like my Mars Bars soft, but not melted.

Oh, and I refuse to call them Snickers Almond...

The upside to the Snickers Almond

I was a bit bummed to see the transformation of the Mars Bar into a Snickers. But look on the bright side; now they come in KING SIZED!

Sure, but for those of us that are old enough to remember...

The new King Size is about the same as the original size of the regular bar... Would that be considered inflation by deflation?