YMCA offers numerous classes to Seniors.

YMCA proudly offers five free to member classes offered everyday, created just for seniors. Three water programs just for seniors, a unique way to keep fit, without the impact on joints or muscles. The Senior Strength Training program, a very popular program geared towards all levels of fitness, teaching proper weight bearing exercise techniques. The award-winning Silver Sneakers Fitness Program is a proven, results-oriented program that enables older adults, often burdened with chronic conditions, to take charge of their health and maintain an active, independent lifestyle. Seniors are also taking advantage of the general programs including Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Fitness Testing and Personal Training to help create a fitness program that suits their needs. According to AARP, “Strengthening exercises involve working against a force which can come from your body, weight machines, free weights or barbells, a body bar, resistance bands, stability ball, or water.” Concord Family YMCA is proud to offer all these options to its senior members as well as a supportive community to do it in.