A Tribute To My Dad, George V. Hill. (3/17/1931 to 12/17/2007)

My father, George V. Hill, passed away on December 17, 2007.
He was in the car with me when a heart attack killed him.
I am still in shock.
My dad was the best father in the world.
He loved his family so much, and did everything he could to make us all happy.
His love did not stop with us.
He spent a great deal of time with others, as he cared about people.
My dad often gave to those who did not have what he had.
He helped to make the world a better place.

He served his country.
My father enjoyed doing many things.
He loved antiques, and reading books.
The older the book, the better.
We loved going to yard sales together in the summer.
He loved to collect things.
He also loved to build things, and people would marvel at the things he created.
If he built a miniature house, it would be to scale, and with real wood and other materials cut to size.
When he was done, it would be a real house.
The Concord Monitor once did a story about a miniature house he was building.
My dad was good at whatever he did.
He also made sure it was done right.
He was that way with things.
He was the perfect husband to my mother.
They spent 52 years together.
I was lucky to have him as my dad for 51.
Because of my father, I met Ronald Reagan.
He made sure I met the New York Football Giants back in the 1970's because they were my favorite team.
That was my dad.
He did things like that for all of us.
My dad was not just my father.
He was my hero.
I will miss him for the rest of my life.
His big heart gave out, and mine will always be broken.
I love you dad!
We all love you!
Your son,

George Vreeland Hill

Your dad

George, you dad was great indeed. I was with you when we met the NY Giants - what a thrill it was! I think they were playing in a charity basketball game in Pearl River high school where you dad worked and we went into the locker room afterwards. There, the Giants signed some itmes for us. They were very gracious. I remember Spider Lockhart smiling at me when he signed his to what ever it was I gave him. I hope I still have it somewhere. Speaking of smiles, it's what I remember about your dad. He had a great laugh. I remember his focus, too. Sharp as all heck.

George please call my folks again with your info. My mom apologizes for misplacing it. Look forward to speaking with you.