"Missing teeth don't go over well at the law firm"

Lucy Hodder
Age: 43
Town you live in: Hopkinton
How long you've been playing: I started playing in 1993 when we moved to New Hampshire. I was a figure skater growing up. I played some roller blade hockey in San Francisco before moving here.
When do you play? All winter on Friday nights in the league with the Nor'Easters. Spring at Hooksett. Summer in a coed league. On the pond when we can with friends and family. At St. Paul's occasionally.
Whom do you play with? Some great women on Friday nights (and one wonderful guy named Scott who has been the only guy in our league for years).
What is it about hockey? Can't get enough of it!! Fun and fast.
Best moment on the ice: When I realize I actually made it through an hour and a half of 6 on 6 without passing out. A few great goals come to mind.
Worst moment on the ice: Catching my stick in the boards and getting the stick in the stomach at full speed.
How often do you slam into the Plexiglas? Is that just for effect? Well, as I age, I try to avoid that Plexiglas as often as I can. Great sound effects, though. It hurts more and more each year.
Have you ever sustained a hockey injury? Yes.
Is it cool for hockey players to have bruises and missing teeth? The missing teeth don't go over well at the law firm.
Do you have all of your teeth? That's HIPAA-protected information.