For John, it's all about the exhiliration

John Hamilton
Age: 45
Town you live in: Hopkinton
How long you've been playing: For the past seven years. I played throughout my childhood but regretfully stopped at the beginning of college.
When do you play? Tuesday and Friday mornings and Sunday evening.
Whom do you play with? A combination of a formal league up in Laconia and two informal groups in Concord. During the summer, I play at the IceDen.
What is it about hockey? I love the exhiliration of working with teammates to score or to defend against an oncoming rush. The feeling can't be beat. Its also the most fun way to get an all-body workout - something I could not discipline myself to otherwise do.
Best moment on the ice: Scoring a goal after a series of fast tight passes when everything just "clicks" . . . bing, bing, bang . . . particularly against a worthy goalie opponent and when it turns the momentum of the game.
Worst moment on the ice: Just after losing an edge, the moment when you realize that you are going into the boards hard and you try to figure out how best to protect yourself from injury . . . and still get the puck to a teammate.
How often do you slam into the Plexiglas? Is that just for effect? While there is contact whenever you play hard, the "no check" groups rarely slam into the Plexiglas - there just aren't enough fans!
Have you ever sustained a hockey injury? I have experienced my share of minor injuries (shoulder, ribs, groin etc), but nothing major. I got more injuries from playing soccer. Ice is a friend in more than one way . . . it's a great healing agent!
Is it cool for hockey players to have bruises and missing teeth? A bruise in the shape of a puck is definitely noteworthy and character-building, but the missing teeth is only cool/useful intimidation for those who play at higher levels with "all out checking."
Do you have all of your teeth? Yes, and with my cage that I wear, I always will.