Yoga to the power of 108

The Global Mala Project will be celebrated the weekend of Sept. 21-23 in over 35 countries from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv, London to Cape Town, Sydney, to the hub event in Los Angeles and even to the lawns of the state capitol in Concord.
The goals of the Global Mala are to unite the collective consciousness of the global yoga community through practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108, to celebrate United Nations International Peace Day and to raise money to aid people and the planet.
Living Yoga Studio and Boutique will celebrate with 108 minutes of meditation on Friday, Sept. 21, at 6 p.m.; 108 sun salutations on Saturday, Sept. 22, at 9 a.m.; and a flow class on Sunday, Sept. 23, at 9 a.m. followed by chanting at 10:45 a.m. The Friday and Sunday events will be held at Living Yoga Studio, 120 A N. Main St., located across from the State House. The 108 sun salutations on Saturday will be held on the State House lawn.
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