Artist dabbles in landscapes, guides tours

N. Rose LaMontagne was educated at the New England School of Art and Design in Boston and at Montserrat School of Visual Arts in Beverly, Mass., with enrichment classes at Massachusetts College of Art. Her oil paintings have been on exhibit throughout New England and Virginia.
Raised in Chicago and Massachusetts, she has lived in southern N.H. since 1976. Rose recently moved to Newmarket, but her PigsFly Studio has been in Exeter since 1994.
Travels throughout the U.S., Canada, France and especially Italy give her inspiration for her non-traditional landscapes. Her love of travel compelled her to switch careers once more; she recently became a tour guide for a travel agency. With this exposure to endlessly new destinations, her source of influence for future artwork is boundless.
“I love to work in large format,” says LaMontagne. “It allows me the freedom to express the atmosphere of a landscape by pulling the viewer into the painting. I try to convey not just a scene, but the feeling of a specific place and time – the changing colors, the aromas, the expanse of space, the feel of the sun or mist on your skin, the sounds or the silence. I invite the viewer to step inside the moment with me, to experience the landscape in their own way.”
There’s still time to see works by LaMontagne at Franklin Pierce Law Center, 2 White St. The gallery space is open Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The gallery will be closed on Labor Day.
The exhibit will be on view through Sept. 7.