The Money Spent On The War In Iraq Could Have Bought All This.

While I love and support our troops around the globe, here is an eye-opener for you.
The war in Iraq has cost the taxpayers more than $359 billion dollars.
If you took that same amount of money and spent it elsewhere, you could buy a lot of great things or hire a lot of people. 
In fact, you could pay for more than 17 million full four-year college scholarships.
Speaking of education, you could hire 6,224,739 schoolteachers for a year with that money. 
If you are worried about your kids and the health care coverage your work provides for them, it would not have been a problem, because you could have had total health care and insurance for more than 215 million children a year.
Just think of how many police officers we could hire, or the food you could eat.
All paid for.
As for me, I would like a new car thrown in.
Why not?
After all, I could have one with the money that is being spent on the war while I write this.
And this whole thing is far from over.

George Vreeland Hill