A Tribute To My Mom, Dorothy M. Hill. (5/27/1920 to 3/3/2008)

My mother, Dorothy M. Hill, passed away on March 3, 2008, at Concord Hospital, just eleven weeks after my father passed on.
She died peacefully, and with me holding her hand and telling her how much I loved her.
A nurse held her other hand.
I watched her breath less and less, until her breathing stopped.
Then her heart slowly stopped, and then it was over.
She was my mom for 51 years.
My mother was the best mom in the history of the world.
I was so lucky to have had such a beautiful and wonderful person like her for a mother.
I remember growing up in Suffern, New York, and having the living room floor filled with toys and presents on Christmas day.
At Easter, us kids had big baskets filled with candy, and more on the side.
Thanksgiving was a big feast, and my mother cooked everything.
The smells of the holiday season was in the air, and we all became more hungry as the time went on until we all sat down for dinner.
Our mom always took us out at Halloween, and made sure that it was a big deal for us.
Birthdays were always special, and we were the king or queen for the day.
Every holiday, and in fact, every day was special because we had a mother who made it so. Her life was her family.
My mother made sure we were all brought up right.
We went to church every Sunday, and Sunday night.
Sunday school was a big part of that as well.
My mom taught Sunday school.
She also helped out as one of the cooks when the church had dinners.
My mother helped to make the world a better place.
She sure made our home a great place to live.
It was full of love.
No one loved their kids like our mom and dad.
Now, they are both gone.
My mom and dad are together again, and this time it is forever.
I stayed for a few minutes, and then went downstairs to talk to my sister who had a hard time coping with things.
I went back upstairs to spend my last time with my mom.
I told my mother after she died that we will all be together one day.
I kissed her many times, and talked.
I told her what a great mom she was, and thanked her for everything she did.
I told her that I will miss her.
I just talked with my mom.
Before she died, I placed a chocolate rose somewhere between her tummy and chest.
She loved roses and candy.
After she died, I put it in her left hand.
It was still there when my brother came to the hospital from New York hours later to view her.
I will miss her for the rest of my life.
My heart was broken when my father died from a sudden heart attack in the car with me.
Now, my heart is in pieces.
I can't stop thinking about my parents and the times we had.
They say that time heals pain.
It will take a big clock to heal my pain.
I love you mom and dad!
Thank you for being my parents.
Your light will always show me the way.
George V. Hill 1931 - 2007
Dorothy M. Hill 1920 -2008
I love you both so much.
Your son,

George Vreeland Hill


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