Beaver Meadow Village residents get more generous every year

The residents of Beaver Meadow Village collected a record number of toys this year for the Toys for Tots program. About 42 residents came to the annual holiday party at the Cat ’n’ Fiddle last week to drop off toys and mingle and eat. We were invited to the party by Eveleana Gifford, who has been organizing the toy collecting for the village since 1993.
For the record, those Beaver Meadow folks know how to have a good time. The jokes flew, and if you weren’t careful, you might notice your mixed nut cup had gone missing (apparently the food was taking too long).
Anyway, we met a lot of nice people and went home with several homemade mini-stockings filled with candy. It was the best holiday party we’d been to this year. Actually, it was the only party we were invited to, but that’s okay. Maybe the rest of you will realize that we make great party guests next year. That is, if we decide to grace you with our presence. We might need to hang out with our new friends at Beaver Meadow Village.
Katie Henry


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