They love hockey so much, they married it (sort of)

Name: Lisa Carter
Age: 41
Town you live in: Derry, NH
How long you've been playing: Since March 2006 (no prior skating experience)
When do you play? Tuesday and Saturday evenings (also sometimes stick and puck sessions with my husband Rob (the coach of the Saturday night Concord team) at lunch Tuesdays and/or Thursdays)...and a co-ed league on Fridays in Exeter in the summer.
Whom do you play with? Nashua Lady Panthers (Conway team) and Concord Nor'Easters (Saturday team).
What is it about hockey? I'm still trying to figure that out! (haha) My husband plays, so I decided to learn so it's something the two of us can do together.
Best moment on the ice: My wedding reception last month was held at an ice rink, and we had a pick-up hockey game with a lot of the guests. It was great!
Worst moment on the ice: In my very first 'real' game (at Verizon Wireless arena), the puck bounced off of my stick into our own net, scoring one for the other team! Of course, I was assured that this is not uncommon for defensemen, but I felt horrible!
How often do you slam into the Plexiglas? Is that just for effect? I slam into it less often these days (now that I'm getting better at skating), but since women's hockey (and most recreational hockey in general) does not allow body checking, it really isn't very often.
Have you ever sustained a hockey injury? I have injured the medial collateral ligament (MCL) in both of my knees (on two separate occasions. With the first injury I was out for six weeks, the second for eight.
Is it cool for hockey players to have bruises and missing teeth? Bruises are inevitable, but missing teeth are not! Of course, they can do wonders with dentistry these days...
Do you have all of your teeth? I am very proud to say that I do indeed! :o)
My husband has been playing somewhere around 15 years or so, starting from his late teens. He coaches the Saturday night Nor'Easters group in Concord and plays in the Top Shelf league in Hudson. The whole reason I started playing hockey was so that it would be something we could do together. I still have a long way to go to get anywhere close to his skill level, but I'm making progress. The problem is, the more we skate together, the better he gets as well!
I wouldn't call it a "hockey romance" as much as a "hockey reception," since we didn't meet playing hockey...the idea did come up to have our wedding ceremony on the ice, but that was pretty much shot down by our families, so we had a fairly normal ceremony at a church.
We decided to have our reception at an ice rink because we really were not interested in having a "formal" reception - we just wanted to do something where everyone could relax and have a good time, and since we were spending so much time playing hockey, we thought "why not have a rink party for a reception?" I guess you could say we had skating instead of dancing! We had the ice available for an hour of open skating, followed by a pick-up hockey game. We came up with the idea of having a pick-up game since so many people we know play - Rob has a lot of family in Canada, and quite a few of them play, as well as our friends from leagues and teams here in NH. We handed out souvenir team jerseys to both teams. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves, which is exactly what we were hoping for. I hear that the people who run the rink are now planning to suggest the idea of the rink as a wedding reception venue to other people, like they do with birthday parties!
We gave hockey pucks to our guests as favors, and we worked out an arrangement with the rink so that our guests could have free skate rentals and food from the rink's snack bar in case people wanted more than the finger foods we provided. We gave all of our guests bracelets to wear to let the staff know that they were with us. Of course, those also made cute souvenirs.


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