Dinner on the Cheap

Our old friend Paul DeAngelis stopped by last week - yes, that's right, we have old friends; the Insider began life nearly a year back - to ask that we spread the word about the 8th Annual Concord Boys & Girls Club Alumni Dinner.
It's going to be held at the club on Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 7 p.m., and it's open to anyone, whether you're an alum or not. (The club is at 55 Bradley St., as if you didn't know that already.)
The cost? A mere $7. That'll get you a turkey dinner with all the fixings, plus live music, plus a shot at door prizes and raffles, plus the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with helping the club raise the money it needs to keep the basketballs (and the kids) bouncing.
The first year, DeAngelis said, the dinner drew 80 guests. Last year, it drew 300. (They've created a monster!) The food is donated, so costs are low. Last year the dinner raised $3,000 for the club.
Mark Travis


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