We never forget our interview subjects

Remember Don Eckhardt? A few months ago, we forgot to credit him for a photo of Chance Anderson that we printed in the Insider. We were going to run a correction, but when we discovered that he had a PhD in geophysics and worked for NASA, we decided to interview him instead.
Last week, Don got in touch with us about a statue recently installed at the Elkins Public Library in Canterbury.
So maybe that's not technically our coverage area, but, as Don pointed out, "four of my 10 grandchildren who participated in the affair are Concord residents and you know already Chance Anderson and me." That's good enough for us. Consider our borders extended.
The life-size statue is of a girl reading a book and was created by artist Beverly Benson Seamans. Don donated the piece to the library in memory of his late wife, Mary Victoria Eckhardt.
Chance Anderson provided the granite base for the statue and "was instrumental in bringing the statue to Canterbury and to our attention in the first place," writes Don.
The library staff decided on the name Gretchen for the statue.
Gretchen, we have some questions. First of all, what thought-provoking book are you reading? Secondly, are we allowed to take our shoes off in the library? We couldn't help but notice your bare feet.

Don’s grandkids pose for a photo op with Gretchen, a new statue at the Elkins Public Library in Canterbury. Top row: Tara Fitzgerald, Concord; Conrad Eckhardt, Springfield, Va.; Gretchen, Canterbury; Anna Eckhardt, Springfield, Va.; Sean Fitzgerald, Concord. Bottom Row: Meaghan Fitzgerald, Concord; Erin Fitzgerald, Concord; Garick Eckhardt, Springfield, Va.; Connor Rose, Kingston; Patrick Rose, Kingston; Ryan Rose, Kingston.


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