Penacook residents: Who made this sign?

Intrepid investigators found three Penacook Village signs tucked away in the basement of Larry and Ellen Langlaises' Penacook Pharmacy on Village Street.
Groundwork Concord is looking for the craftsperson as part of a "Gateways to Penacook" landscaping project with Concord 20/20, the city of Concord and the fledgling Penacook neighborhood association.
Rumor has it they were made at a Merrimack Valley High School shop class 15 years ago. (Wow, that's at least one marriage, several babies and one dog later.)
Contact Groundwork Concord at 224-3710 or [email protected] if you know who it is and how to get in touch with them. You can also contact the Insider at [email protected].
We're not done with the demands yet. We want to know who settled the village in 1725, is that the correct date, and where, exactly, is the "village" anyway? Write us!
Nancy Berliner


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