Concord is full of winners. Seventy of them just happen to be dancers.

A group of 8- to 9-year-old girls on the Concord Dance Academy petite dance team took home first-place honors out of 1,074 routines at a national competition in Virginia Beach, Va. Let's be clear about this: These girls beat out several age divisions, including juniors, teens and seniors. For their effort, the girls took home "a trophy taller than anyone on the team," according to the press release announcing their win.
The dance team won the award for their tap dance number, "Scottish Lassies," choreographed by Cindy Flanagan of Concord. The number was performed by Danielle Gaglia, Megan Riley, Zoe Honigberg, Kaylee Lane, Erin McNabb, Madelyn Rines and Caitlyn Shea, all of Concord; Brianna Murdough and Katherine Ort of Hillsboro; Lilianna Osgood of Loudon; Molly Andrews of Pembroke; and Camden Steady of Northfield.
Concord Dance Academy is turning out quite a few solid performers - to make it to the Virginia Beach competition, dancers have to first qualify at regional competitions. The Concord academy had 70 performers in petite, junior, teen and senior divisions. That's pretty good, they say, considering that some dance schools might only qualify one or two competitors.
All those Dancing with the Stars viewing parties are starting to pay off. (That or the academy just attracts natural talent. Either way.)
Katie Henry


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