Mohican Market History

I have been looking for history about my father, Ed Nolan, who worked in the Mohican Market on South Main street during the WWII years as a meat cutter. Gene Prescott worked behind the counter (wore a straw hat). A young girl named, Ginger, worked in Grocery.I visited the back room and meat locker many times with my Dad.When I was in Rundlett Jr. High, I worked in the A&P on Park Street for a couple of years. My friend, Eddie Borofsky's father owned the Army Navy Store on North Main Street.The Vitiliano family lived on Hanover Street, between School and Center Streets. Doug was a track athlete at CHS and he had a very attractive sister, also.I used to go to the Star, Concord and Capitol Theaters as a young boy on Saturday afternoons.I remember Angelo's Restaurant, I think was on the corner of Bridge street and No. Main.I remember during the WWII, collecting scrap metal and depositing in the front yard of the State House. My mother worked a few years at the Rumford Press when my father was crippled and could no longer work at the Mohican. I also remember the First National being built on the west side of So. Main St. and the Concord Public Market on the west side of Main st. near the Puritan Restaurant, just down from Pleasant st. Bob Nolan


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