Someone is overlooked

I worked at the Mohican Market from 1943 until I entered the Army in 1950. Started working at the store for a whopping $.35 an hour and my pay scale would reach $.50. It was a friendly and fun place to work. Do remember selling Skinless hot dogs and Bacon ends and pieces every Wednesday 3 pounds for a dollar. The store in the picture is actually the second Mohican Market in Concord. The first was located on South Main Street just below the Endicott Hotel. Believe Scott's Jewelry moved in that store later. Manchester also had a store and believe they were the only two in NH.

Wasn't the bakery next door owned by the Vittelanos (SP)? Seems Doug was a star in track at CHS. Met him in Fort Devans when he was inducted into the Army if my memory is still strong. Goff Koff store was also located there at one time.

About 20 years ago I was a crossing guard at Dewey School for a short time and shortly after the last child was crossed a large limo type car drove up and parked across from me. An Asian man stepped out and seemed to be in a quandary so I walked across liberty Street and asked if I might help. He kept repeating the word bridge. Finally through sign language a lady in back passed out a book with a picture of a bridge which I happened to recognize. I then showed the man who had a map open on the hood of the car that he was in Concord, NH, and wanted to go to Concord, MA. Three other folks got out of the car and all four smiled at me and bowed before re-entering the car and heading to MA. (I hope).


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