Clean up a trail, get a mini-vacation

Appalachian Mountain Club Volunteer for Trails in September
Enjoy fall foliage with an AMC's Volunteer Trail Crew! Only one five-day crew still available. No trail maintenance skills necessary. Last crews of the summer season.
Acadia National Park, September 2-7, 2007. Open to individuals aged 18 - 80+. Four days of trail work and two days to explore the beauty of Maine's Mount Desert Island Park and surrounding waterways while staying at AMC Echo Lake Camp. Canoe, sail, swim, or hike on your free days.

5K Road Race in Loudon

On Aug. 15, the New Hampshire International Speedway in Loudon will be the site for the 17th Annual New Hampshire State Police D.A.R.E. Classic 5K Road Race. The five-kilometer race will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be open to all runners. Pre-registration is $13.00 on or before August 9 and $15 thereafter.

You go, girls!

The Concord Police Department and Girls Inc again teamed up: Fifteen girls from the Girls Inc program came to the PD on Tuesday and lent a helping hand. Eleven of the girls washed department vehicles and four of the girls stuffed envelopes. The girls were able to wash eleven department vehicles and stuffed 200 envelopes in 2 hours of work. The girls were treated to a pizza lunch and in turn treated the training class to an ice cream social. We will have our third car wash and ice cream social on Aug 14!

First time golfers: Don't do anything until you read this

We didn't think it was possible, but we had more to write about golf than we had room for. Here's our glossary of terms for beginner golfers.
The Insiders

We decided to include a glossary of terms for those of you that think you might want to try this golf thing out. Ed Deshaies gave us a copy of The Rules of Gulf, a pocket guide put out by the United States Golf Association (yes, there is such a thing). Deshaies warned us that the guide wasn't the most interesting read. We couldn't make it in more than two sentences before our eyes glazed over. One of us even passed out.

Kimball-Jenkins Gallery Artist Peter Granucci

This week's Insider calendar features a painting by artist Ruth Riley, whose work is featured at Kimball-Jenkins through August 10. You can also see works by artist Peter Granucci in the carriage house. This painting is called "Peter the Bull." Below, Peter talks about the exhibit:

I started this series in 1974 with the idea of merging modern and traditional ideas and techniques of painting. It uses a hyper realistic method while creating an abstract over all idea with the depth of realism and the surface of abstract.

You can run...

We heard from Mike Jette that schedules will be sent out to Merrimack-Valley high school students on Aug. 1. And so begins the downward descent of summer. Here’s wishing you a study hall after lunch.

MV student contemplates good and evil

Morgan Matthews, 13, submitted the essay below for the Harry Potter essay contest held by Gibson's Bookstore on Main Street.

The Analysis of Severus Snape

In the words of Remus Lupin in the sixth Harry Potter Book, “Dumbledore trusts Severus and that ought to be good enough for all of us.” We may not understand some of the things that Snape does or says, but in the end he is well-intentioned.

Is Professor Snape Good or Evil?

Thatcher, you've got some serious competition. Here's another essay, y Emma Kellenberg Callewaert, 11, of Concord & Evan Kirkland Grennon, 10, of Concord:

Is Professor Snape good, or is he evil? This is the question all readers of the Harry Potter books are asking. We have two different opinions, and we would like to share them with you through this two-part essay.

Part One: "Evil"

Is Snape Truly Evil?

This essay, by Thatcher Eills, 12, of Concord, was one of the finalists in the Gibson's Bookstore Harry Potter essay competition. Thatcher, we like your style. In fact, if it weren't illegal for someone your age to work, we'd hire you!

Is Snape Truly Evil?

March against global warming

From Matt Stern:

Global warming is real and it's happening faster than anyone predicted. At the same time American jobs are being outsourced faster than anyone feared possible. But with renewable and energy efficient technologies we can cut carbon emissions while building healthy, sustainable communities and economies.