The Beaver Meadow Times

Beaver Meadow Principal Roger Brooks had this to offer by way of a rundown on summer doings at his school.

1) Is there anything new or different, physically, at the school this fall?

Ocean kayaking, anyone?

From the Blue Ocean Society:

Portsmouth, NH- Join the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation on
Tuesday, August 21 at 6 pm for a naturalist-guided sunset paddle by kayak in
the sheltered waters of Plum Island Basin.
This kayak trip is suitable for both beginners and experts, and will involve
paddling in the calm waters and marshes around Plum Island Basin, Joppa
Flats and Woodbridge Island. This relaxing trip will feature sightings of
local birds, beautiful scenery and will conclude with a viewing of the

The MVMS Tattler

Mary Estee, principal of the Merrimack Valley Middle School, took our back-to-school questions with her during some time off. Now THAT'S dedication.

1) Is there anything new or different physically at the school this fall?

We will have a new Gateway Technology Lab with 24 state-of-the-art computers in a redesigned space in the Tech Ed wing.

2) Anything new or different educationally that's particularly interesting or important?

All students at MVMS will participate in the Gateway program, which is a middle-level intro to engineering.

The Kimball School Bugle

Here's Kimball Principal Bruce Blau's answers to our back-to-school questions:

Is there anything new or different, physically, at the school this fall?

Kimball is excited to be adding new playground equipment for our students.

Anything new or different educationally that’s particularly interesting or important?

Penacook Elementary tells all

And finally (for now), the director's cut of our interview with Linda McAllister, the principal of Penacook Elementary.

1) Is there anything new or different, physically, at the school this fall?

Yes, Penacook Elementary School is adding a new third grade classroom. That addition means a reconfiguration of our existing spaces. More to the point, it means major movement of furniture and equipment. That is always disruptive in a building.

Penacook Elementary is much more inviting now, as we have improved

The Conant scoop

And now the director's cut of our interview with Kathleen Sciarappa, the principal of Conant Elementary.

1) Is there anything new or different, physically, at the school this fall?

This summer the Safe Routes to School Committee has been working to add signs and a crosswalk to the front parking lot. We also will be adding speed signs going in both directions to slow traffic on South Street, but they may not arrive until mid September. We want all children to be safe on their way to and from school and rely on parents to respect the systems that are in place.

The rundown from Rundlett

Here's the director's cut version -- unedited! uncensored! -- of Assistant Principal Heather Barker's answers to our back to school edition questions.

1) Is there anything new or different, physically, at the school this fall?
We are very fortunate this year and hope folks walking, biking or dropping kids off at RMS this school year notice our new Crossing Guard at the South St. entrance to Rundlett. Thanks to support from our PTO we welcome Donna Judkins, who will be assisting our students in safely crossing South St. each morning and afternoon!

Home-grown goodness hits the Barley House

If you’ve spent the summer hunting down organic, local, and home-grown foods, you already know that it takes connections; you have to know who to go to and where to look to procure the ingredients for that perfect meal. What you probably don’t know, is that Chef Shea of the Barley House has those connections, and that he’s preparing a menu specifically suited to local, home-grown ingredients!

If you can think about snowflakes right now . . .

From Kathleen Humphreys:

The Snowflake Ski & Ride Club is gearing up for a fun season of skiing and snowboarding at Crotched Mountain Ski & Ride Area in Bennington with discounted season passes for club members. Sign up early to beat the October 8 deadline then think snow.

Brown's Shoe Store: The Beginning

A couple of weeks ago we printed a photo of Brown's Shoe Store, a shop located downtown. The photo was taken in 1950s and we asked readers to tell us about the store. We heard from several people and printed their responses in last week's Insider. We recently heard from the store owner's wife, Ruth. She told us how she and her husband got involved with the store: