Meet Sai, the Renaissance man

Sai Shyamsundar, 11, of Penacook is the newest 1st degree junior black belt at Penacook School Karate.
Says Grandmaster Matt Brown (sweet title), Sai moved to the United States with his family from India in 2002. Brown said Sai attends Penacook Elementary and also plays basketball, piano and clarinet.
Brown shared excerpts from Sai’s essay (a black belt requirement): “During these years of learning Karate I’ve learnt self-discipline, concentration and perseverance. . . .
“There were many days when all I wanted to do was watch cartoons, but my parents forced me to go to karate. Now I know why they wanted me to go. If I were still at home sitting around I wouldn’t have made it this far.”

'You Indian?'

Heard: On Tuesday, Jan. 16, at 12:30 p.m. in Bagel Works on Main Street:
“You Indian? You look Indian. My grandmother was a Cherokee. She looked like a black woman. You see a picture of her, she looked like a black woman. It’s crazy.”
– Spoken by a man wearing plug earrings to a Bagel Works employee.

Apple Puffs

Seen: On Tuesday, Jan. 16, around 2 p.m. at the corner of Pleasant and North State Street, a blue Ford Escort parked with a box of Entenmann’s Apple Puffs tucked under the windshield blade and a single puff speared on the antenna. The car had a New Hampshire veteran’s plate that read I_HUNT.

19 graduates

Dick Osborne of NHTI sent this photo to us. He wrote: New Hampshire Technical Institute held a traditional pinning ceremony on Jan. 11 for 19 new graduates of its Practical Nursing program. The graduates, who finished their 12-month program of study in December, are eligible to apply for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses, passage of which earns them the professional title of Licensed Practical Nurse.

The Class of 2006 was represented by the presentations of class speakers Candy Gottschalk and Maureen Nelson, and a slideshow highlighting the year, produced by graduate Karen Hadlock. Class member Christine Thibeault was presented with the Award of Excellence for her outstanding academic and clinical performance.

Three cheers to George Vreeland Hills

First let me say how much I enjoy the Insider. I look forward to Tuesdays. The article about Whit Levensaler was great, as are his photos of Concord.
     As a younger man I recall reading in the Monitor of (so-and-so) was arrested last niight for failure to dim his headlights, Who now dims their headlights ?? It seems everone is driving with them on high and no-one dims them when signaled.
   Three cheers to George Vreeland Hills !!! I am ashamed that the ACLU are part of our society and I wish there was a way of getting rid of them.

Under the bridge

Erin Placey of the American Friends Service Committee sent us this photo she took under the Loudon Road bridge recently.

Peace Rally 141

Peace Rally 133

'A minor miracle'

When the Concord Insider put out a call for holiday family photos, Carrie Duval helped out as best she could. Said Duval in an e-mail:

I don't have a specific "holiday" gathering, but my aunt's 90th birthday party was close to Thanksgiving, and it provided my family the opportunity to celebrate her life and come together for a rare reunion. The whole family flew to Florida from all across the United States for her party on Nov. 18. She lives in Palm Bay, Fla., with her son and his wife, Roger and Rhonda Pszonowsky.

The birthday girl is in the second row from the front, dressed in green: Dorothy (Dennett) Pszonowsky Hayward. Her children: Roger Pszonowsky and wife Rhonda, Mike Pszonowsky and wife Bea, and Susan Gibson and husband John. Some of the extended family members include Michele, Peter, Gabe, Laura, and Jake Pszonowsky; Gordon and Peter French; Julie French; Stephen French; Andrea Casper; Kendra Miller; Mr. & Mrs. Ron Hayward; John and Carrie Duval and Jeff and John Dennett.

Welcome To 2007 (A year of change)

2007 is here, and we are living in a world of change.
As we look back at the past year, it is easy to see why this year will be interesting.
The majority of American voters wanted new leadership and a different way of doing things.
Now, for better or worse, we will see the results of those votes, and hope for a better tomorrow.
The world seems to have gone crazy in the last few years, but this is a new year.
There is hope that things can change.
Saddam is gone, and others like him around the globe are watching the realization that most people do not want war or hatred.
Can peace really be in the near future?
Can we find the answers to other problems like Aids, hunger, and illegal immigration before the kettle boils over?
Remember that we Americans are living in a melting pot of dreams and a way of life that is supposed to be the best.
We need positive changes because that pot is melting the wrong way.
We need a good future for our kids and their kids.
A better tomorrow begins today.
Support our new Congress, as well as your neighbor.
We are in this together, and some things just have to change.
Have a great year!

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