Who are you calling short?

Be sure to read Ray Duckler's column on Dennis Kucinich's visit to Concord High School: "Check the football card he handed out yesterday, the one with him posing with the rest of the team. He's middle front, looking half his age, by far the littlest member of the squad."

More Duckler:

There's no flip flopping. No pretense about who he is. And no hesitation or fumbling of words when an issue arises. He speaks from the heart, and that makes things easier to articulate.

"Health care is a right, education is a right," Kucinich told the crowd. "It shouldn't be based on the ability to pay. It should be something a democratic society provides for its people."

He's a walking balancing act, one part flower child and one part courageous fighter who will answer any question, anytime, from anyone.

He'd work to dismantle all nuclear weapons worldwide, yet he'll go on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, hosted by conservative fireball Bill O'Reilly. Other democratic candidates wouldn't touch O'Reilly with a 10-foot pole.

"I don't agree with him on many things," Kucinich said. "But if you want to be president of the United States, you have to be able to talk to Bill O'Reilly. You have to be able to submit to the O'Reilly test. If you can't do that, how are you going to meet with these other leaders of the world? There's a lot of people out there that you don't agree with."