What dreams are made of

Today's Monitor carries a lighthearted AP story about what the presidential candidates might be doing if they had followed their dreams in a non-political direction. Clearly, some played along more than others:


  • Joe Biden: Architect.
  • Hillary Clinton: "Continue to work for causes and issues I care about, in a setting like a university or foundation."
  • Chris Dodd: Teacher.
  • John Edwards: Mill supervisor.
  • Dennis Kucinich: Astronaut.
  • Barack Obama: Architect.
  • Bill Richardson: Center field, New York Yankees.


  • Sam Brownback: Farmer.
  • Rudy Giuliani: Sports announcer.
  • Mike Huckabee: Bass guitar player for a touring rock band.
  • Duncan Hunter: Outdoor writer.
  • John McCain: Foreign service.
  • Mitt Romney: Auto company chief executive.
  • Tom Tancredo: President.

So, like George Costanza, Biden and Obama long to be architects; Clinton can't manage a simple answer; and Kucinich imagines himself . . . in space. [Sorry, couldn't resist.]