UNH poll: Clinton widens lead

Only one week after a UNH poll for WMUR and CNN had the Democratic race a virtual dead heat in New Hampshire, a new UNH poll finds Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama, 38 percent to 26 percent. Last week's Monitor poll also had the race virtually tied. The questions: Were last week's polls off? Is this new one? Did the intervening week (Billy Shaheen, Bill Clinton) work wonders for Clinton?

The new poll shows significant leads (pdf.) for Clinton among registered Democrats and among women, whereas last week's polls had suggested more parity.

On the Republican side (pdf.), the new poll finds Mitt Romney continuing to lead, with 34 percent support, but suggests John McCain (22 percent) may be inching away from Rudy Giuliani (16 percent) for second place while Mike Huckabee has reached 10 percent.

UPDATE: The UNH press release stresses the high number of voters who indicate they could still change their minds and finds undeclared voters choosing Democratic ballots over Republican ballots, 60 percent to 40 percent. (That gap was narrower last week and has fluctuated over time.)

UPDATE II: In Iowa, the ABC News/Washington Post poll has Obama at 33 percent, Clinton at 29 and John Edwards at 20. The same poll last month saw the race 30-26-22 in the same order.