Will Thompson campaign here?

SEE update below:

Fred Thompson's New Hampshire communications director, Bill Cahill, said Thompson should arrive in the Granite State late today -- after all of his rivals -- and his advisers are still finalizing a schedule of campaign events this morning.

"I think we got a ticket out of Iowa last night, so we're working hard and we'll see what happens," Cahill said.

Thompson battled rumors yesterday that he was on the verge of exiting the presidential race before the New Hampshire primary, but he's on his way to the state with the momentum his advisers said was essential -- a third-place showing in Iowa. (He shared third place with John McCain.)

UPDATE, 4 p.m.: Thompson told MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell this afternoon that he would not campaign in New Hampshire other than to participate in two Republican debates here this weekend.

"It's about South Carolina," said Thompson, who referred to the Southern state as "my neck of the woods." A recent poll showed him in third place in South Carolina, where Thompson said he has spent "a lot of money," but he said he needs to come in first or second to remain a viable candidate.

- Kate Davidson