The Robertson endorsement in N.H.

What will Pat Robertson's endorsement do for Rudy Giuliani in New Hampshire? Some reaction today:

"I think that people in New Hampshire, people of principle, are going to be very disappointed that one of the people that they look up to has compromised his principles," said Karen Testerman, executive director of Cornerstone Policy Research, a conservative, anti-abortion group. "I think we will have a greater apathy in the overall turnout of votes."

Darlene Pawlik, president of New Hampshire Right to Life, said, "Mr. Robertson's credibility is deservedly compromised at this point."

But some local evangelical pastors seemed to echo what Robertson said when he announced his endorsement: The war on terror is a primary concern for evangelical voters, and Giuliani's promise to appoint conservative judges is concession enough to sway many anti-abortion voters.

"No man's perfect," said the Rev. Thomas Peetz of Word of Life Christian Fellowship in Concord. "You're going to find holes in every candidate." The war on terror "is not some passing thing," he said, adding that Islamic terrorism "is changing the whole course of Western civilization as we know it."

UPDATE: Read the full story here.

- Joelle Farrell