Tancredo to pull out?

With reports that Tom Tancredo will call off his presidential campaign tomorrow, and much speculation about what other candidate he might endorse, here's a flashback to October 2005, when Tancredo told George Will he was "too fat, too short and too bald" to be president but that he hoped "some tall guy with good hair" would take up his cry against illegal immigration in 2008.

Look, I have no idea if that's a tea leaf or a fig leaf, but just this July, Tancredo had this exchange with the Rocky Mountain News:

SPRENGELMEYER: You look at the Republican field, and you talk about people making conversions on the road to Des Moines. Who has made those conversions? Tell me particularly who you think has totally changed.


SPRENGELMEYER: Do you think he has changed and is on your side completely?

TANCREDO: I've got a brochure in the car I'll show you, that he just sent out. You could take Romney off, put Tancredo on, you'd never know. You'd also never know that a year ago he was supporting McCain-Kennedy (comprehensive immigration reform). In this, it's like the guy's (the) strongest immigration advocate you ever saw in your life.

Bottom line: Whether he endorses or not, if he chooses, Tancredo can declare victory and go home.