Shea-Porter makes it official

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter just endorsed Barack Obama on a conference call. Shea-Porter had said she planned to stay neutral in the Democratic primary. She said today she now sees a compelling reason to enter the fray, adding: "I see someone who inspires the largest number of Americans to turn out for this critical election."

Obama was previously endorsed by Congressman Paul Hodes, Shea-Porter's New Hampshire colleague and fellow first-term member of Congress.

When the conference call was opened to questions, all three -- from the Associated Press, Fox News and the Washington Post -- were horserace-related and directed to Obama, not Shea-Porter.

UPDATE: Eager to adhere to election laws, Shea-Porter was careful to leave the Capitol before returning a phone call from a reporter about her endorsement of Obama. Unfortunately, that meant that Shea-Porter had to conduct the interview outside, in the winter. Even across the phone, it sounded cold.

- Sarah Liebowitz
(caricature by Mike Marland)