Scrap the tax code

Not only has Sam Brownback signed the Americans for Tax Reform taxpayer protection pledge, but also he favors a flat tax. Says Brownback: "We need a flat tax instead of the dreadful, incomprehensible tax code we now have."

UPDATE: A comment from Charlie Arlinghaus: "Too many people running for president are afraid to talk about ideas because of the risk of alienating anyone. Replacing the byzantine tax code with a flat tax, however, is a great idea and ought to be embraced by both parties as an anti-corruption measure. I think we've learned over the last 20 years that small abuses of power like an amendment here and there to the tax code (or an earmark) are bipartisan, more common and cumulatively more abusive than old-fashioned corruption. Structural restraint is necessary for human beings who just can't help themselves."