Rudy's laugh

While much has been made of Hillary Clinton's laugh this presidential campaign, Rudy Giuliani, known for popping off at aggressive questioners during his tenure as New York City mayor, also uses his laugh as a shield. (See, for instance, about 5 minutes into the linked portion, when Hugo Chavez comes up.) [Update: TPM has the (ahem) laugh-track here.]

As Tim Russert hammered Giuliani about his security and law firms on Meet the Press Sunday, Giuliani broke out into peels of laughter. The laughing stopped when Russert turned to security and Judith Nathan, a story that seems to have settled down but only after two long weeks for Giuliani. When Giuliani explained that Nathan, who was his mistress and is now his wife, needed police protection because of threats made against him and his associates, Russert asked if it would be "appropriate for a president to provide police protection for a mistress." Ouch.

More on the Giuliani interview here. And Hotline rounds up all the candidate appearances on Sunday news shows here.

- Joelle Farrell