Rudy, abortion and the GOP

You don't have to agree with the Wall Street Journal editorial board's view of the Democratic Party to agree with its conclusion regarding Rudy Giuliani and the consequences of an intramural Republican fight over abortion (updated with link):

"As for the politics of 2008, the last thing the GOP needs is another intramural abortion brawl. As a resurgent Democratic Party advances all manner of misguided proposals for the economy, taxes, national security, health care, energy and the environment, voters need Republicans to revive their own reform agenda. An abortion fight will make the party seem irrelevant to the main voter concerns, or captive to its litmus test interests.

"Mr. Giuliani has his strengths and weaknesses, but he shouldn't be disqualified for the nomination because of his views on a single issue that a President can't do much to change other than through the courts. The only victor in a drawn-out GOP abortion donnybrook will be the Democrat who winds up in the White House."

More on the subject in today's Monitor from Charles Krauthammer.

UPDATE: Sunday's Capital Beat included much discussion among New Hampshire Republicans on this topic. Part of the story is Fran Wendelboe's decision to start the New Hampshire Regan Network, which will work to recruit and train GOP primary candidates who are committed to the party's platform. NH GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen, who was elected in a race against Wendelboe, said: "We already have a Reagan organization in New Hampshire. It's called the Republican Party." To which Ed Mosca replies: "Nice try, Fergus, but no cigar. Reagan Republicanism is anathema to the majority of the NH GOP. . . . Surely, Fergus was misquoted. He must have said Rockefeller organization."