Roundup: Crystal Ball's prediction

Rudy Giuliani feted the Federalist Society's 25th birthday bash with this speech. And, lo and behold, Mr. Big State is not really conceding Iowa.

Barack Obama decides it's better to respond to empty whispers than to ignore them.

Michael Kinsley is skeptical of ex-consultant Mitt Romney's running for president so he can call in a consultant:

The notion that the cacophony of politics can be replaced with the smooth hum of expertise and that all the challenges our society faces can be solved by making the government run more efficiently has a long and generally laughable history. It is not inherently either liberal or conservative. President Dwight Eisenhower actually did hire McKinsey to redesign the presidency. President Jimmy Carter talked endlessly of "reinventing government." He took the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and turned it into two departments. Then there was Ross Perot, the presidential candidate who babbled about opening the hood of a car and tinkering with the innards. President Bill Clinton showed his lack of interest by assigning the subject to Vice President Al Gore. And now there is Romney, who told the Journal that--depending on the data, of course, and whatever McKinsey recommends--he would create a layer of "super-Cabinet" positions so that the President doesn't have "30 direct reports."

We noted the Wall Street Journal interview Kinsley refers to here.

Hillary Clinton is doubling down in Iowa.

UPDATE: We've changed the headline to reflect this -- New Hampshire's own Crystal Ball says John McCain will win the GOP nomination.