Roundup: Heaven and hell

President Clinton visited the Monitor today on his wife's behalf and offered a few comments about some of the Republican candidates. Of Mitt Romney he said: "I had one good encounter with him because he helped to support the preservation of AmeriCorps after I left office, which is really important to me. And he looks like a president -- you know, he's got that beautiful family. He's in a pickle now because he was governor of Massachusetts, and as far as I can see, the theme of his campaign is, 'Well, so I behaved like the devil, I was governor of hell, you would do the same thing. I was very effective at that job, and now that I'm running for president of heaven, I'll be effective at that.' "

Rudy Giuliani is out of the hospital and says he feels fine.

Bob Kerrey sends a letter of apology to Barack Obama for what he said in endorsing Hillary Clinton and all but endorses Obama as well: "You are exceptionally qualified by experience and judgment to be president of the United States. I do not doubt that you would use the power of the presidency to bring peace and prosperity to as many people as possible on our fragile planet. You inspire my highest hopes for that office’s potential: That it be used as a force for good in America and the world."

Hillary Clinton warns Iowans against picking a candidate who isn't "up to speed on foreign affairs and military matters," adding: "that's the kind of logic that got us George Bush in the first place."

The Washington Post finds Mitt Romney making a more explicit play for President Bush's supporters, a shift of sorts from a month ago, when Mike Pride found Romney making clear the ways in which he would be different than Bush.

Bill Kristol sees fresh evidence that John McCain could win the GOP nomination. Romney backer Hugh Hewitt says it's still a Romney or Rudy race. And is Drudge rooting for Romney?

And the case for Ron Paul, writes John Derbyshire, begins with the realization that the vice president has a chief of staff: "Where is that in the Constitution?"