Roundup: 22nd Amendment edition

Ron Paul was on Meet the Press today. Video clips collected here. Live-blogging here.

Hillary and Bill are on the minds of many columnists this weekend, including our own Mike Pride, the New York Daily News's Michael Goodwin and the New York Times's Maureen Dowd. The latter two mention the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, the one that limits a president to two terms. Writes Dowd:

It’s hard to feel sorry for Hillary because the very logic of her campaign leads right to Bill. When she speaks of her “experience,” she is referring not to the Senate but to the White House, thereby making her campaign a plebiscite on the ’90s.

Running this way, she is essentially asking people to like her if they liked him. Whether she knows it or not, this is a coattails strategy. It’s almost as if she’s offering herself to Clinton supporters as the solution to the problem of the 22nd Amendment.

Tonight at 8, recipients of a direct mail piece in New Hampshire have been invited to join a conference call with Bill and Hillary.

The Dallas Morning News today endorses Mike Huckabee.

The Nashua Telegraph today endorses Barack Obama. (Since this roundup, Hillary Clinton picked up the Keene Sentinel's endorsement.)

Fred is no longer lazy.