Richardson urges stem cell research

Bill Richardson came to Concord this morning to autograph copies of his new book, Leading By Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution. He'd planned to talk about weaning America off oil but instead fielded questions about myriad issues. One topic, Alzheimer's disease research, is especially pertinent to Richardson, whose father, William, died of the disease 35 years ago. Before addressing the 150 people packed into Gibson's Bookstore, Richardson stopped in front of a woman wearing a "Stop Alzheimer's Now" sticker.

I'm with you," he said, accepting a sticker and affixing it to his lapel. Later, Richardson said aggressive research, including experiments involving stem cells, is the best way to stymie the disease.

"I would have a crash program on stem cell research," he said. "If we're going to deal with cancer, Alzheimer's, all these diseases that are killing us, we've got to have advanced research. We've got to put resources behind it. . . . Stem cell research is the most promising when it comes to Alzheimer's."

- Meg Heckman
(Monitor photo by Ken Williams)