Real debates

Joe Biden has a petition up calling for a 90-minute debate on one topic: Iraq. Whatever else you think of him, he is of course correct that 60 seconds is not enough time to talk seriously about this issue, or any important issue.

So, since we've started so early, and we're going to have so many so-called debates anyway, how about limiting each event to one topic? You know, national security one week, health care the next. Entitlement spending here, the role of the courts there. Immigration in California, crime in Pennsylvania, energy policy in New Hampshire.

Heck, Biden doesn't have to wait for the parties to get serious about debates. He just has to find one other serious candidate (from either party) to join him in Concord, and I guarantee they'll get media attention -- from us dead-tree types and from the Vloggers. (If he can't find a debate partner -- shame on anyone who would say no -- he can always spar with Newt.)

This is the most serious job in the world these candidates are applying for. We deserve a more intelligent way to decide whom to hire.