Re: Don't go changin' . . .

"I believe people will see that as governor, when I had to examine and grapple with this difficult issue, I came down on the side of life. I know in the four years I have served as governor I have learned and grown from the exposure to the thousands of good-hearted people who are working to change the culture in our country. I’m committed to promoting the culture of life. Like Ronald Reagan, and Henry Hyde, and others who became pro-life, I had this issue wrong in the past."

Mitt Romney, in a very readable Q and A at National Review Online (HT: Drew Cline). Some back story and more discussion of Romney here.

Elsewhere at NRO, two commenters (here and here) speculate about the diminished role the New Hampshire primary may have: because Bay Stater Romney could give McCain and Giuliani an excuse/reason not to contest New Hampshire; because Obama's appeal to undeclared voters could give McCain and Giuliani a reason not to contest New Hampshire; or because Florida or another big state may hold its GOP primary in early February. Hmmm. (The Robert Novak column "McCain Inc." both comments refer to is here.)