N.H. poll: Clinton 31, Obama 30

A new UNH/WMUR/CNN poll suggests the Democratic race in New Hampshire has become a virtual tie, finding Hillary Clinton at 31 percent support and Barack Obama at 30 percent. On the Republican side, Mitt Romney continues to lead with 32 percent while John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are at 19 percent. More here and here.

Compare the last two UNH polls here (Democrats) and here (Republicans). The Democratic race has dramatically tightened. The Republican race looks largely the same, making New Hampshire somewhat immune (so far) to the Huckaboom.

UPDATE: The New York Daily News says Bill Clinton isn't happy with his wife's campaign and is "mulling 'a lot of different ideas and a lot of different scenarios to fix this,' an official who regularly speaks with him said. 'He will come up with literally dozens of ideas. The trick will be to figure out the most important one or two to get her out of this downtrend.' "