More endorsements galore

The Valley News and Portsmouth Herald today endorsed Barack Obama in the Democratic primary.

From the Valley News: "The case for Obama is not just what he proposes to do but how he proposes to do it. Voters who doubt Obama's leadership skills need only look at his well-run primary campaign, which has taken on the Hillary Clinton juggernaut. Clinton is a formidable candidate -- knowledgeable on the issues, a sharp debater, tenacious. She is more polished and more practiced than Obama. But she is less candid and less likely to create the working majority needed to govern effectively. She describes herself as battle-hardened, the candidate most able to beat back the Republicans. But that's precisely the problem: She is an armored warrior in a country weary of partisan and cultural warfare; Obama wears no armor. He seeks reconciliation -- at home and abroad — and steps forward, ready to speak a language of common understanding."

From the Herald: "We believe he has a unique character and far-reaching vision to lead this country as it faces war abroad and economic instability at home. He is the 21st century candidate the country needs. More than any of the other Democrats in the race, we believe Obama has made the most compelling and persuasive case for his candidacy. He has talked throughout this campaign about the "urgency of the now" but has shown patience to develop both his campaign and his proposals."

Yesterday, Foster's Daily Democrat endorsed Hillary Clinton: "America needs a president who will close the gap that separates them from an institution that has become distant; someone who will restore the confidence of the American people and renew their place of respect in the world community. . . . We have concluded Hillary Clinton, among Democrats, is the best qualified to lead the United States as its next president."

On the Republican side, Foster's today backs Rudy Giuliani: "If Republicans have any chance of having their lease renewed on the White House they must adopt and develop leaders like Giuliani — someone who raised one of the world's great cities out of despair and returned it to the pride it earned over more than two centuries. It was Giuliani who made New York's streets and sidewalks safe again. It was Giuliani who stood atop the rubble of 9/11 and vowed to lead in making New York whole again. Rudy Giuliani represents the core of Republican thought. He is the kind of Republican who will appeal to the people who elected and re-elected Ronald Reagan. He is not afraid to go to the people for his strength, knowing that in America it is the people who rule and that those they elect serve."

Yesterday, the Valley News endorsed John McCain: "The case for McCain is a strong one: Duty and honor are to him living imperatives forged in family tradition, not mere rhetorical flourishes calibrated to the exigencies of the campaign trail. He should be just the ticket for Republicans astonished and appalled that, during the Bush years, their party has become identified with a brand of evangelical, anti-immigrant, big-government, borrow-and-spend 'conservatism' that is antithetical to its best traditions.

The Herald also chose McCain: "If McCain is president, nobody would have to write him a memo about whether it is legal to use torture. . . . McCain is willing to speak the truth about massive spending and the debt we have piled on ourselves. . . . He is a man of integrity and honor who would help the Republicans rid themselves of the stench of Jack Abramoff and other lobbyists and allow the GOP to reclaim its status as the party of fiscal restraint. He is a strong military man prepared from day one to defend our nation against its enemies. Of all the Republicans running, he is by far the best qualified to lead our country."

McCain has also been endorsed by the Boston Globe and New Hampshire Union Leader. The Globe also endorsed Obama.

UPDATE: The Keene Sentinel has now endorsed McCain as well: "What we see in McCain is a grown-up; a known quantity with a 30-year record of public service; a conservative who is confident in his abilities and yet smart enough to seek counsel. If he becomes the Republican nominee in 2008, the country has a chance of enjoying a substantive presidential contest, unburdened by fear-mongering and irrelevancies. The major candidates will differ sharply in their approaches to the many challenges we face, but their passion is likely to be tempered by civility. By selecting John McCain on January 8, New Hampshire Republicans and independents have an opportunity to put the presidential contest on a constructive path that's worthy of the nation and its finest aspirations, at a time when a sharp course correction is severely needed."

UPDATE II: Add the Boston Herald to the list for McCain: "There are times in this nation’s history so perilous that they cry out for a steady, experienced leader, a person so trusted that we would put the fate of this country in his hands. This is one of those times, and Sen. John McCain is that person. . . . In an age when too many candidates are driven by polls and focus groups, fashioning and re-fashioning their “core” beliefs, McCain is a man of unwavering conviction and integrity. His values, his beliefs, his goals are what they were when he first entered public life, what they were in 2000 and what they will be a decade from now."