Monitor editorial: Not Romney

Here is an excerpt from tomorrow's Monitor editorial, headlined "Romney should not be the next president":

If you followed only his tenure as governor of Massachusetts, you might imagine [Mitt] Romney as a pragmatic moderate with liberal positions on numerous social issues and an ability to work well with Democrats. If you followed only his campaign for president, you'd swear he was a red-meat conservative, pandering to the religious right, whatever the cost. Pay attention to both, and you're left to wonder if there's anything at all at his core.

As a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 1994, he boasted that he would be a stronger advocate of gay rights than his opponent, Ted Kennedy. These days, he makes a point of his opposition to gay marriage and adoption.

There was a time that he said he wanted to make contraception more available - and a time that he vetoed a bill to sell it over-the-counter.

The old Romney assured voters he was pro-choice on abortion. "You will not see me wavering on that," he said in 1994, and he cited the tragedy of a relative's botched illegal abortion as the reason to keep abortions safe and legal. These days, he describes himself as pro-life.

There was a time that he supported stem-cell research and cited his own wife's multiple sclerosis in explaining his thinking; such research, he reasoned, could help families like his. These days, he largely opposes it. As a candidate for governor, Romney dismissed an anti-tax pledge as a gimmick. In this race, he was the first to sign.

People can change, and intransigence is not necessarily a virtue. But Romney has yet to explain this particular set of turnarounds in a way that convinces voters they are based on anything other than his own ambition.

The full editorial is here. The Monitor has yet to endorse a candidate in either the Democratic or Republican presidential primary.

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Wonderful editorial urging rejection of Romney.
Please do the same for his Democrat counterpart, Hillary.
Dick Purcell
Boulder, Colo. (former NH resident)

He WILL be president

I think your editorial on Gov. Romney is completely out of line. First of all, aren't newspapers supposed to endorse candidates instead of anti-endorsing them?!?
Gov. Romney, like many other candidates, has changed positions on issues. Where's your editorial on Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee? Both claim to be "tough" on illegal immigration, but their records state otherwise. Romney's record has been consistent on many issues.
Face it, you're a liberal rag and you detest Romney. But he will be the next president of the United States!
April Hoover,
Florida (former Mass. resident who voted for Romney)

Millions stand behind him

Just wanted to remind you that there are millions of us out here--that is, millions of Romney supporters. In spite of your paper's effort to throw up a roadblock, Mitt's on his way to win the New Hampshire primary and perhaps, even the Republican nomination. Romney's leadership and values are what this country needs more than ever; a refreshing alternative to the socialized control of the Democrats alternative. Go Mitt!!
Alan K. Pearson
Salt Lake City

Ready for the next one

Will you be as objective in your editorial on Hillary? We all doubt it.
Joseph Licata
Cape Coral, Fla.


You forgot to say Romney looks and acts presidential -- which he does.
Jo Ann, Austin, Texas


He's got the looks but not the spine. If elected, he would be royally rolled by the neo-cons. You hit the nail right on the head. He's a bona fide panderbear.
Hancock, NH

I agree

I live on the opposite coast and can see through Romney just as well as you. He is not honest and only wants the nomination. I am glad you haven't been blind to this and are not afraid to speak up about it.
R. McKenney
Keizer, Oregon

Obvious partisan bias

Your recent editorial position against Mitt Romney is sad. In fact your partisan attack on his life and accomplishments is as obvious as a three-story neon sign on the Vegas strip. You are no more objective than Hugo Chavez.
For you to attempt to use your editorial clout to influence impressionable voters and destroy a candidate's record of lifelong achievement borders on evil. It smacks of partisan fear, your fear that Romney will win the Republican nomination and have the broad appeal to win over the American people.
To focus on Romney to the degree that you have, without a full discussion of the inexperience and shortcomings of the Democrat candidates, exposes you as partisan hacks that cannot be trusted with your right to free speech. Let's hope the citizens of New Hampshire see you as the foolish partisans that you are.
I have yet to choose a favorite presidential candidate but I would never consider your newspaper's opinion in doing so. You honestly sound like a high school operation. This newspaper is not your editor's private soapbox to push his/her personal opinions. It's supposed to be an objective analysis of the issues. If I owned the newspaper, the first thing I would do is reassign the editor to the mail room.
Fred Larson

Whatever it takes

I'm glad you see Romney for what he is - a pandering politician who
will say whatever it takes to get elected.
Jimmy Verner
DeSoto, Texas

Shame on you!

You endorsed John Kerry and Al Gore in the past and both of them had as many, if not more, “flip flopping” positions as Romney. Let’s call this “anti-endorsement” for what it is, a “swift boat” attempt at negative campaigning right before an election. As far as I can tell, the paper is not a 527 group, but it would be interesting to see what political donations the editorial board has made over the years.
You should be ashamed of yourselves for this last gasp attempt at relevance in a world that relies less and less on the dying liberal establishment of the print media.
Mike Hirrlinger
Fort Worth, Texas

Low class

I shake my head in amazement at the Concord “Monitor Staff” who exhibited journalism at it’s lowest form. They sank to the most base form of degradation as they debase a very able and adept leader’s accomplishments and highlight apparent flaws despite original and intended context. Objectivity in every turn of politics is what needs to be the watch cry of the media but that was completely lost in your editorial. It was also lost in your encapsulation of Romney’s various positions. I am sure that that pendulum will take a heavy liberal swing when you want to highlight some democrats minimal accomplishments and gain the next quick national headline for a near primary headline.
What a cheap attempt to gain the spotlight rather than a thoughtful well articulated research piece which provides New Hampshire readers a well grounded view of this good candidate. I hope that most who took the time to read the article saw it for what it really was….trite, liberal overgeneralization.
Was the “Monitor Staff” a group who wrote the article having a good time in a conference room during the recent snow storms and couldn’t get home because of the snow laden roads and then all of a sudden their political satire turned into an editorial that ran in prime time when someone said “what if we really ran this stuff…. wouldn’t that get the attention of the country”?
Mike Clarke
Sugar Land, TX (born in Keene, NH)

End the charade

Thank you for your editorial on Mitt Romney. I am a Massachusetts Republican who voted for him, and I feel as though he used my state as a stepping stone to achieve his own goals. I cannot list a single accomplishment of his administration. Mr. Romney will say whatever it takes to win the nomination, and then the Democrats will have an easy target in the general
election. New Hampshire has an opportunity to put an end to this charade, and I hope the voters will.
Erik Smith
Marblehead, Massachusetts

The right choice

Many of us have changed our minds on many subjects such as abortion, growing embryos for stem cell research, I admire a person whom is able to research, learn, analyze and change their mind for the better.
Our family are Romney supporters, We believe he will be a strong, decent, intelligent, experienced leader for America's future. Mormons are decent good people with wonderful values. Our family is Jewish, Catholic and Presbyterian and we think he is the right choice for us!
Renee Kargen

Romney looks better now

I haven't completely made up my mind yet but it will definitely be republican. And your anti endorsement of Romney would only encourage me to vote for him.
Joe Fulcher

Country desperately needs him

Your editorial trashing Mitt Romney is laughable...another attempt by one of the DNC's mouthpieces.
Mitt Romney is far and away the best candidate from either party. As a former MA resident who voted for him and proudly so, he is a great family man, leader, and most importantly, a NON lawyer. He is what this country desperately needs in our multi-cultural, touch feely, dumbed down, divided (thanks to the Socialist Liberal Democrat Party) society.
Tom S.
Spring Hill, FL
Former 50+ year MA resident

Are the rest any better?

Well, you certainly seem to have aroused the ire of the "anti socialist democratic party" crowd. I find the prospect of a Romney presidency kind of frightening myself. What will he think tomorrow?
The rest of the Republican crowd also worries me. Unfortunately, none of the Democrats really make me stand up and take notice either. Where are the real leaders now when we really need them?
Keith Barrand
Ringwood NJ

A great man

The Monitor is of no consequence. You did a hack job on a GREAT MAN. People change opinions. I my self was pro abortion but about 10 years ago I changed my mine. I feel abortion is legalized murder.
None of what you said in your hack job is true. Frankly you must be against Freedom of Religion because he is a member of the LDS church and you are play with Freedom of Religion and are discriminating.
LeeAnn Richards Baker A 73 year old, fourth generation LDS and very proud it.
Your newspaper is a piece of toilet paper.

Vote Romney!

Your editorial has convinced me to SUPPORT Mr. Romney in his presidential bid. Thanks for all the votes you have given him.
Since your lefty-liberal rag is against him, he MUST be good for the country!!
Joe Blotnik

Too many independents

Just read your full anti-Mitt Romney editorial. I thought he explained himself pretty well on Meet the Press last Sunday. I’m ok with his change of position on abortion. I think its genuine.
Your editorial mentioned “partisans” voting in the upcoming primary. There’s not enough partisans and too many flip flop independents screwing up the two party system. They are one of the reasons the system is producing such poor candidates.
William Roderick


The job of an elected representative is to represent. Obviously, the voters Romney is going after in this election are not the same voters he represented in the 1990s. For a representative, core beliefs can be death. I think Romney's core belief is to represent all Americans this time. Correspondingly, he can be expected to change positions for the general elections, at which time he will move to the middle. It is what we want from our representatives, but not willing to admit.
Ken Pope

Thirst for office

Your editorial regarding Mitt Romney points the direction people should be looking when examining candidates. What have they done in the past? Are they trustworthy? What compels their thirst for office?
When one really examines Mitt Romney's life experience and places those experiences in separate containers, it becomes painfully obvious that none of them reflect the type of leader this country needs. A venture capitalist? Savior of the Olympics? Pullease....these reflect only the elitist lifestyle this candidate has led from his earliest beginnings as the child of another presidential hopeful - George Romney. Growing up
attending some of the most class-stringent private schools in Michigan and persevering a Mormon "missionary" assignment in France should be shocking indicators that this is truly not a man of the people, but rather an elite opportunist who has been grooming his political feathers for a run at our country's top job for several years. He and Hillary are truly birds of a feather that need plucked from the current Presidential race, in my opinion.
Ryan Goddard
Muscatine, Iowa