Mayor to mayor: Guinta backs Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani launched a two-day bus tour today and picked up a nice endorsement on the way: Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta, who won re-election earlier this month.

Giuliani lent support to Guinta on the eve of the election, stopping to eat pizza and pose for photos with Guinta at Caesario's pizza on Elm Street in Manchester.

More on Giuliani's day in New Hampshire in tomorrow's Monitor.

- Joelle Farrell

UPDATE: Sure, Giuliani is using President Bush's old New Hampshire campaign bus, but did we all miss an even bigger endorsement?

(Monitor photo by Lori Duff)

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New York driver!

When the Giuliani campaign came through Concord, his followers cut me off when they all blew a red light coming off the highway. Rudy's followers endangered my 4-year-old when they cut me off. I would pose the challenge to Giuliani to show some "strong leadership" in following New Hampshire traffic laws.
Larry Habel