'Machine' politics: Dodd vs. Clinton

After several ads focusing on her policy positions and experience, Hillary Clinton is taking on the Republicans. Her latest New Hampshire ad, titled "Machine," shows Republicans criticizing Clinton while a voiceover intones, "Here they go again. The same old Republican attack machine is back."

"Why?" the voice asks. "Maybe it's because they know that there's one candidate with the strength and experience to get us out of Iraq. One candidate who will end tax giveaways for the big corporations . . ."

The ad prompted criticism from Chris Dodd's camp: "It's an interesting admission from Senator Clinton - that if she's elected we're headed for four more years of the partisan warfare, Washington dysfunction, bitter divisiveness and gridlock that have marked the last 15 years, at a time when all Americans are desperate for real solutions to real problems," Dodd communications director Hari Sevugan said in a statement.

- Sarah Liebowitz