Lieberman for vice president?

Bill Kristol liked this speech by Joe Lieberman so much that he hopes to see a second bid for vice president from the Connecticut senator: this time on the Republican ticket. Says Kristol: "McCain-Lieberman, Thompson-Lieberman, Romney-Lieberman, Huckabee-Lieberman -- those sound like winning tickets." (Kristol isn't slighting Rudy; he suggests State or Defense for Lieberman in a Giuliani administration with a pro-life veep.)

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(caricature by Mike Marland)

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No ordinary Joe

I would take Joe Lieberman in a heartbeat as a vice presidential candidate -- for the Republicans or Democrats.
Lieberman is the ONLY Democrat who currently stands on principle and tells it like it is versus telling voters what they want to hear. His honesty and willingness to stand up to the extremists of, Media Matters, etc. speaks volumes about his character.
I liked Lieberman in 2000 but could never have voted for Al Gore. Lieberman is and has always been a principled individual.
I also think that mainstream Democrats would vote for Lieberman on a Republican ticket, if a Clinton or Obama were to run. His candidacy would give Republicans that "big tent" that they need.
Mainstream Democrats are hungry for an alternative to the hard Left turn that their party has taken. Any of the candidates plus Lieberman would be a better alternative and more electable than the current Democratic field. In other words, I would turn a little bit Left to avoid going down the road of entitlements, government health care and rampant socialism.
Bill Bunker, Barnstead

Love it

Love the idea. Lieberman would be a great choice for the Republican Party. Lord knows the Democrat Party threw him in front of the bus.
Geoffrey Davis, Henniker