Is Bill Richardson overqualified?

Two new Richardson ads again mix humor and seriousness.

Commentary so far includes this rave:

"I think the ads are fantastic on some deep existential level. Especially the first one deftly shine attention on the absurd predicament Richardson is in: that interviewer is a lovely allegorical embodiment of the DC punditocracy: aware of, but blithely contemptuous of, his amazing record of achievement, disrespectful of the man, basically uninterested, still wanting to know what makes him think he can be president. Richardson, brilliantly, calls attention to this but shows he can take it in stride and laugh about it.

"At the same time, they show him in a position of job-supplicant that will be familiar to and resonate with so many voters. If Richardson is half as smart as these ads, he'll make a great president."

But also this:

"He doesn't look presidential. Yeah, the ads are entertaining but is the purpose of the ads to win awards or for Bill Richardson to become President?"