Iraq, Democrats and the White House

A roundup of news and commentary on the Democrats and Iraq and the pros and cons of the candidates' positioning:

Bill Richardson tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal: "I'd pull out our troops, every one of them, even residual forces. Because our troops have become targets. They've become the excuse for propaganda against us, and we are now viewed as occupiers."

He also touts his A rating from the NRA, his aversion to raising taxes and his willingness to use military force when appropriate.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama indicate they are more willing than the other candidates to strike a deal with President Bush on the Iraq funding measure the president vetoed yesterday.

If Obama doesn't break with Clinton on this issue, does that give John Edwards the opening he needs?

Can Richardson win the hearts of Democrats who don't want to give an inch on Iraq despite his heterodox stances on other issues?

Is Edwards not as antiwar as he seems because he (gasp) talks to and reads books by people who see merit in a muscular foreign policy?