Iowa predictions

Robert Novak and Timothy Carney predict wins for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama tomorrow night, with Mike Huckabee second, Fred Thompson third and John McCain fourth on the Republican side and John Edwards second, Hillary Clinton third and Bill Richardson fourth on the Democratic side.

We'll update with more predictions as we learn of them.

Of related interest: Slate has tips for setting up a political office pool.

UPDATE: Former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack didn't make a prediction but did tell ABC News that it's okay if his candidate, Hillary Clinton, finishes third. "She absolutely had to be competitive and she's accomplished that," he said.

The Washington Post's Joel Achenbach disses his own qualifications for predicting anything but gives us his picks for New Hampshire as well as Iowa. He likes Obama and Huckabee tomorrow, then Obama and McCain.

Rich Lowry has moved on to the postgame analysis for a bunch of Iowa GOP scenarios and says Romney's best case is a 5-point win. (Lowry's magazine endorsed Romney, so add a few points to what he thinks the best case really is.)

Bill Clinton predicts a Huckabee win.

Mark Blumenthal has looked at every poll and chart ever made and concludes ... your guess is as good as his?