Iowa buzz: Big night for Obama

David Yepsen, the dean of Iowa political reporting, says of last night's major Democratic event in that state: "The leading Democratic presidential candidates showed up for the Iowa Democratic Party’s big Jefferson Jackson Dinner Saturday night. Five of them gave really good speeches. Barack Obama’s was excellent.

"It was one of the best of his campaign. The passion he showed should help him close the gap on Hillary Clinton by tipping some undecided caucus-goers his way. His oratory was moving and he successfully contrasted himself with the others - especially Clinton - without being snide or nasty about it."

More coverage of the event here, here and here. The Obama campaign has posted video of his full speech here. The Clinton campaign has posted a video snippet of hers here.

Meanwhile, a new poll of the New Hampshire race shows some tightening on the Democratic side but continued leads for Clinton and Mitt Romney.

UPDATE: There's also a new UNH poll, this one for the Boston Globe, with similar results. The full survey results are here.

UPDATE II: Impressed by a "fiery" Obama in Iowa but disappointed by a "tepid" Obama the next morning on Meet the Press, Walter Shapiro warns: "Statues rarely topple without a hard push."