Heating up the debates

A reader who was disappointed that global warming wasn't given more attention at the Republican debate in South Carolina suggests the topic would be well received if it's seriously addressed when the candidates debate in New Hampshire:

"I wagered that global warming would be a topic in Tuesday's S.C. debate -- instead it was whittled to one question, and that to Tancredo. He doubts the science, but at least he's willing to look at global warming through a lens familiar to him: national security. Maybe we'll see a bit more attention on June 5; after all, a December 2006 poll of likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters said global warming was a serious issue, likely caused by humans and needed attention. And if many if not most of the 160+ towns that passed a climate change resolution in March lean right (most voted for Sununu in 2002 and Bush in 2004), the candidates stand to gain points by paying attention and offering their solutions."