GOP punishes N.H. as promised

From the AP: "The Republican Party announced today that it will punish five states for scheduling early nominating contests. New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan and Wyoming will lose half of their delegates to the national convention, said Mike Duncan, chairman of the Republican National Committee. . . . The RNC voted 121-9 to impose the penalties. Duncan, who has final say over the matter, said he will abide by the vote." Updated story here.

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100 percent wrong

The Republican Party is 100 percent wrong for attacking New Hampshire's right to hold its primary before Feb 5. California and about 21 other states are holding their primaries on Feb 5, and if New Hampshire was forced by the GOP to do the same, then New Hampshire would be lost and the primary process would be hurt without New Hampshire playing its leading role.
Bob Mulholland, member of the Democratic National Committee, Chico, Calif.